Witek Kulczycki

Witek Kulczycki

Witek Kulczycki is a seasoned multiinstrumentalist who specialises in Irish Traditional Music – a talented composer, arranger, songwriter and teacher. Involved in the Polish folk scene for over 20 years now, he diligently learned from some of the most acclaimed Irish flautists of Belfast and Roscommon areas: Harry Bradley, John Wynne, Bernie Flaherty and Catherine McEvoy. As a leader of an Irish Trad group Duan he currently tours in Poland and abroad, runs instrumental workshops, performs and records with bands and soloists of folk, folk-rock, sea shanties, poetry, Balkan, flamenco, jazz and eastern fusion genres. Witek is also an author and co-producer of music for amateur theatrical performances, films and professional multimedia publishing.

A frequent visitor to Ireland and tireless session musician, Witek is fond of bartending and mountain hiking.


Goldfinch Whistles are very dear to me for more than one reason. I had the honour of assisting their birth, I watched them grow and flourish, from the first whistlemaking attempts, through many experimental incarnations, up to brilliant instruments they are today. Goldfinches mean exceptional comfort of playing on tin whistles and low whistles specially designed to meet my needs (AiryTale), precision of craft, openness to innovative solutions, creativity and lightning-fast realisation.

Their formidable advantage is the reliability even in the worst weather conditions. Goldfinches inspire, too – they are directly responsible for the creation of numerous melodies and arrangements. The tone of my favourite models mid Bb and low F complement the saxophone perfectly, they are excellent in musical experiments across different genres.





His own composition, “Skylarks and Finches”, and “Monaghan” set – traditional jigs – all arranged and recorded by Witek Kulczycki (more brilliant music on Witek’s CDBaby profile):

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