Ewelina Grygier

Ewelina Grygier

Ewelina Grygier is surely one of the most accomplished and internationally acclaimed flute and whistle player in Poland. A band member of Danar, Macalla Trio, Grygier-Biela Duo and Warsaw Gamelan Group, she is recognised for her  original style. With musical roots in traditional Irish and Breton dance music, she journeys with her melodies across world music and jazz landscapes beyond clear classification. Thanks to her reputation of a versatile musician, she is now touring with Halina Mlynkova’s Music Group, a well-known Polish pop-folk mainstream vocalist. Ewelina performed alongside such remarkable artists as Jean Luc Thomas, Pol Huellou, Gurvant Le Gac, Emanuell Pariselle, Didier Olivier, Diarmuid Johnson, Michael and Conor McCague and others. A graduate in musicology, ethnology and cultural anthropology, she runs workshops on wooden traverso flute and tin whistle in Poland and abroad.

I have had the opportunity to play the Goldfinches made by the family duet of Waldek and Jakub for several years now, in fact, from the very beggining of their workshop. We spent many hours testing and discussing on what the musicians expect from an instrument and what options the makers have to meet those expectations. The discussions – very enriching for both parties! – prove how much attention they put to adjust the instrument to a musician.

What I find significant in Goldfinch Whistles is the capability of free, effortless playing in the “ups”, from the half of the second octave up to the third (from a2 to e3) while the sound quality of the lower register remains solid. Precise tuning, balanced tone across the whole scale and a terrific possibility of acquiring an instrument adjusted to your individual preferences are strong advantages of the Goldfinches. Pennywhistle is a small instrument, but Waldemar and Jakub put into it so much devotion and effort – thanks to this here we have a high-class instrument. Goldfinch Whistles are not only born out of passion – they are skillfully crafted and well-tuned products of whistlemaking.




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