Low Eb Goldfinch Whistle

A smaller cousin of the Low D, Low Eb Goldfinch Whistle is an instrument that breaks with the standard D-oriented session keys with freshness and comfortable playability. Subtle backpressure and little air requirements make the octave jumps easy and precise while the lower register pays off with deep sound, making the whistle suitable for both slow and fast-paced melodies and accompaniment. We do our best to keep it balanced throughout the whole scale for best control. Weather-proof and fine-tuned, the hole size allows for application of half-holing techniques to all those, who want to expand their scale even further. The timbre is solid, with but a little airy touch invaluable for creating spacy atmosphere. Recommended for both advanced players looking for a reliable whistle and people planning to begin their adventure with low whistles and the pipers grip, Low Eb Goldfinch Whistle plays well on recordings, live performances and the magical Eb sessions.

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What I find significant in Goldfinch Whistles is the capability of free, effortless playing in the “ups”, from the half of the second octave up to the third (from a2 to e3) while the sound quality of the lower register remains solid.

Ewelina Grygier

The sound is interesting and complex enough that is works beautifully amplified, recorded or purely acoustically. In fact my colleagues like the sound so much that we have transposed other sets just so we can keep using it.

Jacquelyn Hynes

The tone of my favourite models mid Bb and low F complement the saxophone perfectly, they are excellent in musical experiments across different genres.

Witek Kulczycki

There is no great gap between the lower and higher notes in pressure. Many experienced players appreciate it. Apart from that, the responsiveness, sweet tone and the whistle’s unique character are of utmost importance to me.

Julia Sielicka