Jacquelyn Hynes

Jacquelyn Hynes

A flute student under Robert Winn of the RPO/Koln Conservatoire whilst at Middlesex University, Jacquelyn Hynes holds a Masters degree in Irish Traditional Music from the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick. She has tutored at the Munster Music Academy in County Clare, Ireland, Oxford University, Cambridge Music Trust and is flute and folk tutor at Morley College. As a soloist, she has supported some of Ireland’s leading musicians including Martin Hayes, Michael McGoldrick and Lunasa. She has also performed with Donal Lunny in concert, and for President Mary Macaleese, at the House of Lords, QEH, Barbican and across the globe from India and Morocco to Norway.

She released “Silver & Wood”, her solo CD, in March 2014 by Hobgoblin Records to critical  acclaim. It soon become Album of the Week on Radio nan Gaidheal, Caithream Ciuil BBC Radio Scotland.

I was working on a collaborative piece for my Avalonia project which utilises Irish, Arabic and Asian influences with the singer Najma Ahktar, and needed a whistle which could play an Indian rag based around B major and also an Irish reel transposed to E – and after talking to Jakub at Goldfinch Whistles, they made me a tin whistle which they designed and built. It is a complete joy to play, the tone is great right across the range – clear but still has that whisper of hoarseness characteristic of a great whistle, the intonation is immaculate, the finger holes are very comfortable and ergonomic, the material doesn’t slip in my hands in performance conditions and it is a responsive and subtle instrument with an excellent dynamic range. The sound is interesting and complex enough that is works beautifully amplified, recorded or purely acoustically. In fact my colleagues like the sound so much that we have transposed other sets just so we can keep using it.

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