Goldfinch Whistles are professional, hand-perfected tin whistles and low-whistles fit for advanced and amateur musicians alike.

Made of durable, inexpensive, modern materials, their timbre, playing capabilities, precision of making, fine-tuning, durability and weather immunity challenge those of wood and metal and keep the prices on an affordable level.

Be it traditional music, classical, folk-metal or jazz

– Goldfinches are artists’ whistles of choice for live performances, studio recording and session music.

Goldfinch Whistles is also the name of a family workshop in Poland – Waldek and Jakub Szczygieł, a father and son who put all their hearts into developing instruments from their love for music and at your service.

Who is behind all of this?

Waldek Szczygieł

Waldek is a man of many professions and talents. Before he became a whistlemaker, he used to be a head editor of the first independent computer magazine in Poland (remember the golden era of Commodore 64?) and a head of a printing and desktop publishing company. Waldek studied electronics, which – along with poetry – have been his great passions since secondary school. He inherited dilligence, manual creativity and musicality, after “Grandpa” Wincenty, an old-school 2-meter tall war-experienced jack of all trades and a merry traditional Polish mandolin player, with a riveting history on his own. In his free time Waldek enjoys a good book, playing the guitar, singing self-written songs and gardening. As Goldfinch-Mod, he follows his interest in electronics and upgrades advanced electronic equipment for audiophiles.

Jakub Szczygieł

Jakub, son of Waldek, has always been a busy type. In his primary school he found his two passions that determined the rest of his life – love for drawing and traditional music. A fantasy and sci-fi active fandom participant, he currently plays flutes, whistles and a few other instruments in Beltaine, Balsam and Balonique, with more side-projects of different genres always on their way. Jakub is also a co-founder and coordinator of Viral Sessions initiative that unites hundreds of artists from all around the world. A Master of Arts in English Translation, he is often to be seen playing Irish traditional sessions, Fest-Noz and Balfolk dance music (he is a dancer too). He is fond of travelling, especially mountain hiking, from which he draws inspiration. In the Goldfinch Whistles duet, Jakub acquires the crafting skills from his father’s experience, in return sharing his own stage-born musician’s perspective on whistles and music.

What I find significant in Goldfinch Whistles is the capability of free, effortless playing in the “ups”, from the half of the second octave up to the third (from a2 to e3) while the sound quality of the lower register remains solid.

Ewelina Grygier

The sound is interesting and complex enough that is works beautifully amplified, recorded or purely acoustically. In fact my colleagues like the sound so much that we have transposed other sets just so we can keep using it.

Jacquelyn Hynes

The tone of my favourite models mid Bb and low F complement the saxophone perfectly, they are excellent in musical experiments across different genres.

Witek Kulczycki

There is no great gap between the lower and higher notes in pressure. Many experienced players appreciate it. Apart from that, the responsiveness, sweet tone and the whistle’s unique character are of utmost importance to me.

Julia Sielicka

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