Julia Sielicka

Julia Sielicka

Julia Sielicka represents the young generation of whistlers in Poland. She started playing tin whistles before the age of ten and, in the course of her career, she learned from Jean-Luc Thomas, Gurvant Le Gac, Didier Oliver, Emanuelle  Pariselle and Nicolas Radin. First in the Swarzędz Flageolet Orchestra, now a leading melody player in Gwerenn, a Breton-music oriented project, Julia perfected the whistles and the traverso flute with vibrant, fresh style influenced by many traditions, mostly from Celtic regions. A Master of Arts in Culture Studies, her interests reach from the Polish, Irish and Breton to the cultures of Middle-East.

An often visitor to Irish trad sessions, Julia performs fest-noz and balfolk music for dancers – and dances herself for better understanding of the dance music and her own joy. She is fond of many genres, including jazz and world music.

“Goldfinch Whistles!” I always say that when I am asked about a tin whistle for learning I would reccomend. Why? With little effort you can get beautiful sound in both octaves. There is no great gap between the lower and higher notes in pressure. Many experienced players appreciate it. Apart from that, the responsiveness, sweet tone and the whistle’s unique character are of utmost importance to me. Every Goldfinch is made with unusual diligence, devotion and care, with an individual player in mind.

The duet are extraordinary storytellers but also great listeners. It is invaluable that they create an atmosphere of dialogue and are always open to criticism, which makes their skill and whistles constantly improve and challenge the instruments from the Isles.

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